Digital addiction", a silent threat to health

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Digital addiction", a silent threat to health

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Using a smartphone or tablet Become part of everyday life Some people stare at the screen until they get sick. Many organizations are trying to create a ripple effect. To make society aware of the dangers of "Addicted to digital"

In a world where technology surrounds us Whether it's a movie transmitted through the Internet, games, or social apps. All of these will try to get the attention of the user. Many people stared at แจ็คพอต the screen for a long time. Which caused a variety of negative effects Resulting in poor health Therefore there is a group of people who have come out to warn people to keep people informed And want to create "Balanced happiness in the digital age" for today's society

Nina Hersher, CEO of the Digital Wellness Collective Trade Association, said: “We are living in an age where people are interested. The organization she works with aims to find a balance in technology for the masses. To fit both physically Emotion and mind

Hersher is a social worker who struggles with childhood stuttering. She pointed out she had used eye contact with the other person to signal that she wanted to communicate.

She told VIO that "Today people use mobile phones Barely taking your eyes off the screen She wanted to make a change. Get people to focus on what is going on around them. Live in the present more. "

Digital addiction illness can take many forms. For example

"Nomophobia" or the fear of the lack of a mobile phone to communicate

"Tech neck" is a neck pain from looking down at a cell phone screen for a long time by bending at 45 degrees, causing the neck to bear more than normal head weight.

"Email Apnea" is unconsciously holding your breath while reading or typing a message across the screen.

Psychologist Anatasia Kim, an adjunct professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Calif., Said: “If you get excited every time the number of likes increases, you can get it. Considered to be another danger signal that should not be overlooked "

A midwife, Kristen Graser, tells of an incident that led to her decision to cut back on her mobile phone. According to the day she was caring for a newborn baby But with familiarity, she glanced at the mobile screen. At that point, Mr. Graser realized that she was losing control of herself.

Today, there are many organizations trying to promote society to see the disadvantage of spending too much time on technology. For example, America Offline has created camps for teens without electronics. This project was initiated by youth basketball coaches who want their children to reduce their screen gaze

Living without communication technology might be too extreme for many. The best way to do this is to balance the usefulness of these devices without compromising our health and life.
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Re: Digital addiction", a silent threat to health

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Re: Digital addiction", a silent threat to health

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Re: Digital addiction", a silent threat to health

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